How to Start a Christian Blog - Top Tips For Writing a Good Christian Blog

When a Christian blog is created it can bring a great deal of freedom and opportunity to the Christian blogger. A Christian blog gives the blogger much more than a conventional website because the Christian blogger has a bigger audience and therefore a greater ability to influence. A Christian blog can become the voice of a community or a religious movement. In a sense, a Christian blog can be as important as having a website because the Christian blogger is literally speaking to people from all walks of life.

So, when creating a Christian blog, what should the blogger focus on? There are a few things that make or break a successful Christian blog. The first thing to consider is the topic of the blog. This is the heart and soul of the Christian blog from and it must be chosen well if the blogger hopes to have an audience of readers.

Once the blog topic is decided, it is time to choose a name for the blog. While some bloggers may choose to go by their personal names, such as Annie Dillard or JohnOE, other Christian bloggers tend to choose something more unique and meaningful to their readers. It is recommended that the name of the Christian blog be relevant to the faith or life of the Christian blogger. For instance, a Christian blogger who was born in Judaism would not be named "jewish Christians."

Once the blog name and the blog topic from have been decided, it is time to choose a blogging platform. This decision should be made after careful thought. Some bloggers choose to use their own platforms, such as Blogger or WordPress, whereas others may prefer WordPress or Blogger. These websites provide tools for the Christian blogger to create the Christian blog that will suit his/her needs. These blogging platforms allow the Christian blogger to easily create a blog that has all of the necessary features that will appeal to his/her readers.

Once the basic components of a Christian blog are chosen, the content for the blog can then be written. It should be noted that many Christian bloggers have very specific blogs that focus on a particular topic, such as a biblical view of the Bible or a Christian view of heaven. Many Christian blogs also welcome comments from readers. It is important for the Christian blogger to be willing to engage with the readers of the blog in an open and honest manner.

If a Christian blogger decides to sell advertising space on his/her blog, it is important for the blogger to choose his/her vendors carefully. There are some very popular places for Christian advertisers to put their ads, such as on sites such as Google Adsense. However, the bottom line is that the choice of where to place Christian ads is up to the Christian blogger and their sponsors. It is recommended that these advertisers carefully research the market to see if their target market is a good fit for the Christian blog's niche and monetary goals. See this page to learn more:

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